Assam Teas

“Delve into the world of robust and malty Assam teas, known for their strong flavor and vibrant coppery liquor.”

Welcome to Kankiten International, a renowned exporter of premium Assam tea. With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional quality, we take great pride in providing our esteemed clients with the finest Assam tea available in the market.

Quality Assam Tea: At Kankiten International, quality is the cornerstone of our operations. We understand the importance of offering our clients the best tea leaves to satisfy the discerning palates of their customers. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that every cup of tea brewed from our leaves exudes the distinctive flavors and aromas that Assam tea is renowned for worldwide.

Meticulous Sourcing and Processing: Our success in delivering top-notch tea stems from our meticulous sourcing and processing methods. We have established strong relationships with reputed tea estates in the fertile region of Assam, known for producing some of the world’s finest tea leaves. By working closely with these tea gardens, we can handpick the freshest and highest-grade tea leaves, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

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To preserve the integrity and flavor of the tea, we employ traditional and time-honored processing techniques. Our skilled tea experts oversee the entire process, from withering to rolling, oxidizing, and drying. This meticulous approach enhances the natural characteristics of Assam tea, resulting in a full-bodied, robust flavor and a captivating, rich cup of tea.

Stringent Quality Control: We maintain rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the superior quality of our tea. Our dedicated team closely monitors every stage of the production process, adhering to strict quality standards. From the sourcing of tea leaves to the packaging of the final product, our comprehensive quality control ensures that each batch of tea meets the highest levels of excellence.

Customer Satisfaction: At Kankiten International, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We understand that our clients’ success depends on the satisfaction of their own customers. Therefore, we prioritize providing an exceptional experience throughout our business relationship. Our knowledgeable and attentive team is always available to assist our clients, offering personalized service and addressing any queries or concerns promptly and efficiently.

Global Reach: As a global exporter, we cater to clients around the world. Whether you are a tea distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, we have the capabilities and expertise to meet your specific requirements. Our streamlined logistics network ensures prompt and reliable delivery to destinations worldwide, enabling our clients to delight tea lovers with the flavors of premium Assam tea, regardless of their location.

Conclusion: Choose Kankiten International as your trusted partner for sourcing the finest Assam tea. With our unwavering commitment to quality, meticulous sourcing and processing methods, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee an unparalleled tea experience for both you and your customers. Join us in our mission to spread the excellence of Assam tea across the globe and embark on a journey of unparalleled flavor and aroma.


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