Trust is Growth


Company Name

kankiten international

Accepted Payment Terms

100% Advance or 100% Irrevocable L/c at Sight

Delivery Terms

FOB, C&F and CIF


Tea Export Company Policies

Quality Assurance:
a. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality tea products. All our teas undergo rigorous quality control procedures to ensure freshness, flavor, and aroma.
b. We source our tea directly from trusted tea gardens and estates to maintain consistent quality standards.
c. Our quality control team conducts regular inspections and tests to ensure that the tea meets all regulatory requirements and quality benchmarks.
Export Procedures:
a. We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and customs requirements for exporting tea.
b. We maintain proper documentation and records for all export transactions.
c. We work closely with shipping and logistics partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery of our tea products to international markets.
Sustainable Sourcing:
a. We are committed to sustainable sourcing practices and support environmentally friendly and socially responsible tea production.
b. We prioritize working with tea gardens and estates that adhere to ethical labor practices and promote fair trade.
c. We encourage and promote organic tea production methods to minimize the use of pesticides and protect the environment.
Pricing and Payment:
a. Our pricing is competitive and based on market conditions, quality, and demand.
b. We offer flexible payment options to our international customers, including letters of credit, bank transfers, and online payment systems.
c. Payment terms are agreed upon before shipment, and we expect prompt payment as per the agreed terms.
Customer Service:
a. We value our customers and strive to provide exceptional service. Our dedicated customer support team is available to address any queries, concerns, or requests promptly.
b. We maintain open communication channels with our customers to ensure their satisfaction and to foster long-term business relationships.
c. We welcome customer feedback and continuously strive to improve our services based on their inputs.
Packaging and Labeling:
a. We ensure that our tea products are packaged securely to maintain their freshness and quality during transportation.
b. All packaging materials used comply with relevant regulations and are environmentally friendly where possible.
c. Our tea packaging includes clear labeling with accurate product information, including origin, type of tea, net weight, and brewing instructions.
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure:
a. We respect the confidentiality of our customers’ information and maintain strict protocols to protect their data.
b. Any information shared with us during business transactions is treated as confidential and is not disclosed to third parties without explicit consent, unless required by law.
Compliance with Regulations:
a. We comply with all applicable export laws, customs regulations, and international trade agreements.
b. We stay updated on regulatory changes and adapt our practices accordingly to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.
These policies outline our commitment to providing high-quality tea products, maintaining ethical business practices, and ensuring customer satisfaction. We strive to continuously improve our operations and meet the evolving needs of our international customers.